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Psychological counseling and therapy


About Me

My name is Nikola Šlajs. I am English and Czech speaking psychologist and psychotherapist in training living in Zurich, Switzerland. I offer psychological counceling and therapy to English and Czech speaking people living in Zurich or somewhere in the world. Sessions take place either in person in my practice in Zurich, Enge area, or online.


I have earned my undergraduate and master’s degrees in clinical psychology at the University of New York in Prague. I am currently undertaking an accredited psychotherapeutic training in gestalt psychotherapy. I have previously worked as a psychologist in health care at the Psychiatric Hospital Horní Beřkovice in the Czech Republic, where I specialized in addiction recovery and worked with trauma in the form of individual sessions and group therapy.


In my practice, I have further supported clients with anxious and depressive presentations, low self-esteem, and issues with relationships. I have also worked as a volunteer in psychological counseling at the American Association Crosswinds in the Dominican Republic. This experience not only gave me an insight into working with adolescents and addiction in this age group, but also expanded my counseling skills and contributed to my personal growth. I am currently living in Switzerland where I provide my services for the Paracelsus Recovery Clinic as a live-in-therapist. This form of therapy uses a 360° treatment program in which the client is supervised by a multidisciplinary team of experts and 24-hour care.

Psychologist Zurich, Switzerland

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I provide psychological counseling and therapy in Czech and English language in person and online.

Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling addresses a current problem or a difficult life situation. It helps the client to realize and orientate in the possibilities of solving the given situation.


Therapy explores issues in more depth compared to counseling. It focuses on underlying experiences, self-development and possible personality changes that help you to live a happier life and be in harmony with yourself.

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